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Pavlína Morganová

Pavlína Morganová, Ph. D. is an art historian and curator, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Works as a director of the Research Center at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Recently she conducted research concentrated on the medium of exhibition, she is the co-author of the book Pavlína Morganová – Terezie Nekvindová – Dagmar Svatošová, Výstava jako médium. České umění 1957−1999 [The Exhibition as Medium. Czech Art 1957−1999] (VVP AVU 2020). She is an author of the book A Walk Through Prague: Actions, Performances, Happenings 1949−1989 (VVP AVU 2017) and Czech Action Art / Happenings, Actions, Events, Land Art, Body Art and Performance Art Behind the Iron Curtain (Karolinum Press 2015). She lectures on Czech Art of the 20th century, published a number of texts in collected volumes, catalogs and professional journals. She has participated in several international conferences and worked as curator of exhibitions featuring Czech art of the 1990s and noughties.