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Dagmar Svatošová

Dagmar Svatošová studied art history at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Mgr. 1999). She has been employed at the AVU Research Centre – VVP AVU since 2000. Her research looks at Czech art of the second half of the 20th century with a special focus on the methodology and theory. She took part in several long-term research projects of the AVU Research Centre focusing on the Czech post-war culture and art scene. In 2020 she was a co-author of the book The Exhibition as Medium: Czech Art 1957–1999, a result of the five-year research on Czech exhibition histories. She is also co-editor of the Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones, a peer-review periodical focusing on contemporary visual arts within a broader cultural and theoretical context. Since 2016 she has been executive director of AVU Publishing House.