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Radek Przedpełski

Radek Przedpełski is an artist and art philosophy scholar lecturing at Trinity College Dublin. Radek's PhD was on 1970s neo-avant-garde intermedia in the Polish People's Republic, with a focus on Marek Konieczny (the topic of Radek's upcoming monograph). Radek co-edited a volume on Deleuze, Guattari and the Art of Multiplicity published by Edinburgh University Press in 2020. Radek is a member of Substantial Motion Research Network founded by Laura U. Marks and Azadeh Emadi for cross-cultural investigation of media art, as well as a curator, together with Laura U. Marks, of the annual Small File Media Festival hosted by SFU's School for the Creative Arts. Radek is interested in entanglements between the earth, the cosmos and artistic techniques.