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Petra Skarupsky

Petra Skarupsky is a PhD student at the Institute of Art History, University of Warsaw. Her research focuses on the exchange of art exhibitions between Poland and Czechoslovakia. Having written her MA thesis about exhibitions in Warsaw of art from Czechoslovakia 1945–1989, she is now working on a dissertation on exhibitions of Polish art in Czechoslovakia, 1945–1992. She participated in the research project History of Exhibitions at the Zachęta – Central Bureau of Art Exhibitions, 1949–1970, led by her supervisor Gabriela Świtek and funded by the National Programme for the Development of Humanities. Petra Skarupsky has presented her research at various academic conferences, including Making and Remaking Europe: The Czech and Slovak Contribution at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto (2018), where she analysed the 1978 exhibition Poland – Czechoslovakia: Centuries of Neighbourhood and Friendship. The study was later published in Miejsce (2019). She also took part in the College Art Association 109th Annual Conference 2021 (Democratic Art Par Excellence? The 1947 Polish–Czechoslovak Exchange of Modern Graphic Art Exhibitions). Recently, she participated in a doctoral workshop organised by the Czechoslovak Studies Group at the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, University of Oxford (February–May 2022), where she discussed Bringing Nations Closer Together Through Art: The 1970s Brno–Poznań Exhibition Exchange. Her latest publication is The Battle of Grunwald in Prague: The Reception of the 1959 Exhibition of Polish Painting in Czechoslovakia (Umění/Art, 1/2022).