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Kristian Handberg

Kristian Handberg, (PhD, the University of Copenhagen) is Assistant Professor in Art History at the University of Copenhagen. He researches exhibition histories of the post-war era and the different conceptions of modernism across the globe and their reception today. He is at present involved in the project Exhibiting Across the Iron Curtain: The Forgotten Trail of Danish Artists Exhibiting in the Context of State Socialism, 1955-1985 (2021–2024, see:

In 2015–2018, Handberg was a postdoctoral fellow at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art working on the research project Multiple Modernities: Dream Worlds and World Images in Art and Culture 19461972, and in 2019–2020 was postdoctoral fellow at SMK – National Gallery of Denmark, where he worked on the project Curating the Contemporary in the Art Museum. His publications include New Histories of Art in the Global Postwar Era (eds. with Flavia Frigeri, Routledge, 2020), Conquering the Present in the Long Sixties (Antipyrine, Motto Books, 2019), Curating the Contemporary in the Art Museum (eds. with Malene Vest Hansen, forthcoming), and articles in On Curating, Stedelijk Studies, Journal of Art Historiography, and Konsthistorisk Tidsskrift/Journal of Art History. Handberg is president of AICA Denmark and a board member of NORDIK.