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Jana Písaříková

Jana Písaříková is a curator and art theorist. Since 2015 she works as a curator at the Moravian Gallery in Brno where she deals with processing the collection and archive of Jiří Valoch. She had the opportunity to take part in forming the new permanent exhibition ART IS HERE (together with Ondřej Chrobák and Petr Ingerle) and cooperate on many projects connected with the agenda of Jiří Valoch’s archive ("", "Marian Palla: Retrospective in Seven Acts"; publications: Jiří Valoch: White Sheets, JH Kocman: Art Activities, etc.). Since 2006 she has been cooperating as a curator with the City Gallery Blansko. Now she is working on the preparation of Jiří Valoch's artistic monography and she is also participating in the preparation of the exhibition: "Family Affairs: Archaeology and Conceptual art" (from: 5. 5. 2022 in the Moravian Gallery in Brno). In the last two years she has been living with her family and Jiří Valoch in the countryside near Brno. These new living conditions also brought her new themes, for example the questions how to care for aging artist, or how to relate contemporary art to rural life successfully.