Visegrad Fund
Dániel Véri

Daniel Véri is an art and cultural historian, researcher at the Museum of Fine Arts – Central European Research Institute for Art History, CEU Jewish Studies postdoctoral fellow at the Democracy Institute (2021–2022), and member of the Confrontations: Sessions in East European Art History research group (UCL, 2019–2022). He studied at ELTE (Art History: MA, 2009; PhD, 2016), and at CEU (History, 2010). His research interests include Central European art 1945–89, especially the artistic reception of Jewish identity and the Holocaust, as well as cultural diplomacy and the cultural history of blood libels. He is the author of Leading the Dead – The World of János Major (MTVA Press, 2013), co-author of The Great Book Theft: French Book Exhibition Behind the Iron Curtain (Ferenczy Múzeumi Centrum, 2020).  He is curator of numerous research-based exhibitions, most recently co-curator of The Modern Idol: Henry Moore in the Eastern Bloc (Bucharest, 2021–2022).