Visegrad Fund
The Archive of Alex Mlynárčik, Žilina

The aim of this research trip realized by Andrea Bátorová from Comenius University Bratislava was to do research in the archive of the Slovak artist, Alex Mlynárčik and to make a research interview with him. Her research and the interview focused on the art projects by Mlynárčik in the 1960s and 1970s in Paris and on his collaboration and friendship with French critics, Pierre Restany and Raoul-Jean Moulin. The research provided new information about several international projects, including the exhibitions “Permanent manifestations” (1966) and “Temptation” (1967) in Galerie Raymond Cazenave in Paris, “Bonjour Monsieur Courbet” (1969, Chatillon des arts) and Mlynárčik's participation in the Biennale of Young Artists in Paris in 1969, where he presented his project “Donation.” The research interview also provided new findings on the collaborative project, “Argíllia” (including exhibitions “Inter-etrennes” and “Agence Argillia Presse” and happening “Hommage a Rousseau”), in which Mlynárčik involved several artists in former Czechoslovakia as across the iron curtain.