Visegrad Fund
Documentation Center of MAC/VAL and Bibliothèque Kandinsky

The Documentation Center in MAC/VAL (Vitry-sur-Seine) houses the archive of the French art critic, Raoul-Jean Moulin. Moulin was in close contact with several Slovak artists and in the late 60s even participated in happenings in High Tatras, Slovakia together with alternative artists such as Alex Mlynárčik, Jana Želibská, Róbert Cyprich, Milan Adamčiak. In this archive, Andrea Bátorová from Bratislava investigated documents of cultural transfers between France and former Czechoslovakia in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. She examined particularly documents connected to the project Argíllia, founded by Slovak artist Alex Mlynárčik with the collaboration of international critics and artists. She focused on investigating correspondence, networks, and collaborative activities from developing concepts to publishing catalogues. In the archive, she also found two artworks created by Alex Mlynárčik for Jean-Raoul Moulin in relation to the project Argíllia.


In Bibliothèque Kandinsky in Centre Pompidou (Paris), Batorová did research in the archive of Pierre Restany and of the Gallery Lara Vincy in Paris, which both preserve important documents of cooperation with East European artists. The archival materials include texts and catalogues of exhibitions of Slovak alternative artists organised by Restany in France as well as the articles he published on East European artists.