Visegrad Fund
Jiří Valoch Archive, Brno

The Jiří Valoch Archive is part of the Morva Gallery in Brno, which houses important works from all periods of Czech art history. Its modern and contemporary collections, its international collection of prints, and photographs are particularly significant. The Jiří Valoch Archive preserves not only works by the Brno-based visual poet, conceptual artist, and curator but also the documentation of his extensive international contacts and curatorial projects, including works by and collaborations with several artists from Hungary, Eastern, and Western Europe and even from other continents.

In the archives, Emese Kürti and Zsuzsa László from KEMKI, Budapest could study the correspondence and exchanges between Jiří Valoch and Hungarian, Jugoslav, and Polish artists as well as documents of several international projects in which he was involved. In addition, they had the opportunity to consult a number of publications and art documentation, which are not available in Hungary and which provide further details on the history of regional contacts and dialogues. These documents and publications provided new information and findings about contacts, interactions, collaborations, and exhibitions that have not yet been discussed in the existing art historical publications. 

During their short stay in Brno, they also visited the exhibition “Valoch and Valoch” (curated by Jana Písaříková, Ondřej Chrobák, Petr Ingerle, and Miroslav Maixner), which gave a special insight into the interconnections between Jiří Valoch’s own artistic, archivist, and curatorial practice and the scientific research of his father, as well as the work of several other local and international artists.

The results of the research will be incorporated into the plans for the continuation of the Resonances project and will also provide useful input for further projects.